Serving people in Znamenivka
Our missionary center is located in small village of Znamenivka, Dnipro region. Since the start of the war many refugees and displaced people came to the village. We as a church had a chance to share the love and hope of God and the message of salvation.
More than 230 people came to our missionary center that Sunday. We invited them for a special service at 2 pm, but around 30 people came to the regular service at 11 and spend few hours with us worshipping Jesus and listening to the sermon.
Later that day we had 3 more services, where everyone attending heard the gospel.
Some shared testimonies regarding their faith in Jesus.
These people received not only physycal, but also spiritual food. During our registration process we gathered information about people who were unable to come to the service but were in need of aid. Later that week we sent out teems of 2-3 people to visit those in need and distribute food packages along with the message of the gospel.
Every person we visited was very open. People were longing to have someone to encourage them, to pray with them and believe in a brighter future.
There was a man who heard the Gospel and was negative at first, but after talking with one of the missionaries the whole team talked to him and he began to open up. He repented, began to speak in tongues and agreed to a prayer of deliverance from the spirit of alcoholism.
And this Sunday, for the first time, a boy came to Sunday school. He received Jesus when our team visited his home and came to the service with his mother. He loved spending time with us. We believe that God is touching the lives of these people and bringing radical change.
Thank you for your prayers and financial support in enlarging the Kingdom of God. We encourage you to continue doing good works to share God's love! The harvest will be more plentiful than you could ever imagine!
"Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven"

Matthew 5:16

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