Reaching & Discipling THE children of ukraine
Jesus discipled and he called us to make disciples.
Let's make disciples together.

Women's Ministry Outreach
How interesting it is to observe in the Bible how God relates to a woman: He certainly loves her, reaches out to help her, calls her His child, touches her heart, saying pleasant words of love.
It was these encouraging words that sounded at the women's service on March 8th in the Pridneprovskaya church "Christ the Savior".
The women of the Solid Rock team were invited to the event as guests and ministers.
The worship team served with songs and prayer. While the ministers shared their personal testimonies and word o encouragement. Regardless of age, everyone enjoyed participating in fun activities. The women were also blessed with gifts from the Solid Rock women's team.

One woman, Tatiana testified, "It was so touching," as she shared her experience with tears of joy in her eyes.
"What you do is very important to us," said her friend Tamara.
After the women's service, the Solid Rock team took to the streets of Pridneprovsk, Dnipro, to share the message of God's love.
The girls handed out hand-made flowers with a verse from the Bible to the women passing by. They talked about how God loves every girl and calls her His daughter, the daughter of the King. These words were accompanied by a sincere smile and compliments.
The women on the street were very surprised but very touched by this.
It is difficult to convey the inner joy we felt when God's love through us touched a woman's heart.
We understood one thing - God loves it!