Our SR drivers, put on bullet-proof vests, and head into the heart of the war every single day. They are brave men who have driven thousands of miles to different cities of Ukraine to evacuate refugees and bring humanitarian aid to the ones living out of their basements. They have driven into Marioupol and Bucha, two of most wiped out cities of the war.
Our Solid Rock Team working with the children and adults of Mariupol. The psychological work is as high of a demand as the physical. Children growing grey hair and adults dying from heart attacks caused by the unbearable stress.
Reality of War
Our next team, led by Inessa Grishchenko, has began to prepare the next convoy to be sent into Mariupol, Ukraine. As many of you know this city has been and continues to be under heavy fire and is in serious need of supplies, food, and assistance. Our team has purchased 20 tons of food and supplies – such as potatoes, flour, rice, canned fruit, canned meat, pasta, sugar, salt, medicine, gauze wraps, mattresses, and more. These items have been loaded into a large semi-truck and will be crossing the Ukrainian border and into Mariupol.
Here we have our team loading up thousands of pounds of food and supplies and getting ready to send it out to Kyiv. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated their finances to allow us the ability to purchase theses items – your partnership with us will not only result in life saving measures for all the people that receive this humanitarian aid, but you will receive a heavenly reward for your obedience to help those that are in need.