Disciples making disciples!
Fall is a very exciting season here at Solid Rock! We host teenagers from all over Dnipro region for a 3-day discipleship school!
Topic: Interesting Christianity
Seminars: "Creation," "Identity," "Why Christ?"
Transformed. Equipped. Sent out.
During these 3 days, we have seen teens go from death to life in the spiritual realm. Many dedicated their life to Jesus and were baptized in the Holy Spirit. They left equipped in knowing who they are in Jesus as well as what they were born to do on this earth.
Activities: quest in the forest, master classes, games, and competitions.
Spiritual: Bible studies, prayers, committments, alter calls, and activations.
Testimony- Sofia Petrakova
"I want to say that this school has radically changed my life, God awakened in me the desire to devote my whole life to Him. I finally realized that I wanted to work with children. I want to try being in the role of a mentor in the future. I no longer nave any doubts about this, I have ceased to be afraid that someone will condemn me for being a believer. I realized that this is a real blessing. I received a word from God that is in addition to what God has told me before through other people. I made new friends. I learned to give every situation completely to God, to trust everything into His hands. I felt His love and realized that no one would love me as much as He loves. God has shown me a few people from the cam with whom I should bond with, with whom I ust witness to, people who still doubt. I am just unrealistically happy that I have the honor of carrying the Word of God into their lives, supporting them with prayer, and help them out."
This generation is key:
We are the answer to this generation. Teenagers are hungry like never before to hear the gospel and respond to it. Our goal is to equip these young revivalists in their identity and equip them to bring the gospel to others. We are born to make disciples.