Ministry in Ukraine - The Start of 2020
Being in Ukraine and Visiting the kids from our kids camps brings so much joy and blessings.
Dinner for our Leadership Team
We have gather together our leadership team to pray and fast for the year of 2020. After praying and fasting we had a dinner with our team and I thanked every one for all the hard work that each person does for the Lord.
The birth of Pavel
Karina (mom) received Jesus during a kids camp in Golubivka 2016. Today, she is married, serves as a missionary and just now had her first born son named Pavel.
Visiting Karina in Dnipro
When we minister to children we are impacting several generations. I have seen many people that got saved through our ministry. Now, they are married and have very blessed families.
Giving away food packages to families in Need
Julia Brychka holding one of the food packages that were giving away to families in need.
Our missionaries sharing the Gospel with a man on the street.
Pastor Paul & Missionary Dima
No floors or heating at home
It is very common for people to live in villages and have no floors in their home. This family that we visited had a spiral wire wrapped around a cement block and that gave the heating for the childrens room.
For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,..
Regardless the circumstance a single mom is able to make food for the children.
(Matthew 25:35)
Today 1,500,000 Children are living in abusive families in Ukraine.
Dad has left his wife and these beautiful children for alcohol. They were so young that they barely remember him. All they remember is they were beaten and dad would take everything from home to trade for alcohol. Mom worked very hard to provide for her children. They are healthy and are doing good in school. They have been coming to our kids camps regularly. We believe they will have a beautiful life in Jesus Christ and will have blessed families.
It's such a joy to give them hugs and just make them smile. Teach them the truth and disciple them.
I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.
(3 John 1:4)
Each year we bring more smiles to children and Good News of Salvation
Giving away 3,000+ Christmas gifts to children
There will also be different Christmas programs that the children and their parents will be able to attend free of charge. All sponsored by people like you.
Our missionary family is growing.
Gloria Joy was born on February 9, 2020 at 11:16AM and her weight was 8LB 5oz (3.65kg).

We are so blessed to have our beautiful daughter with us. Thank you to all ministry partners who support us monthy and occasionally.