Reaching & Discipling THE children of ukraine
Jesus discipled and he called us to make disciples.
Let's make disciples together.

Missions point- Shepetivka
Our missions team visited a missions point in Shepetivka. We spent the few days in fellowship with the local team and built connections with them. In the evening we went out and spent some time with the local teenagers of the city. We discussed the Word of God together, prayed, and built relationships.
Some topics we touched upon were; the love of God, calling, the lies of the enemy, and the adventurous journey called FAITH.
Local team
Building connections and encouragement with the local team.
Activities with local teens
Impacting the local teens with various biblical activities.
Our Solid Rock team also had a gathering with the local teenagers of Shepetivka. The topic which was discussed was Fatherhood and how the acceptance of God's fatherhood affects a person's life. Each of the teenagers felt like a parent, having been assigned to take care of "his baby", after which, young people expressed their thoughts about the attributes of a loving earthly father. After studying Bible verses that reveal God as the Father, the team shared personal testimonies. The team also prayed with the teenagers, asking God to reveal Himself to them as a Father.