Hundreds of Ukrainian refugees accepting Jesus!
Our team has been heading into Ukraine and preaching the gospel at the border as well as train stations. In line at the border, at train stations, and out in the street, we have witnessed hundreds of Ukrainian refugees, with tears in their eyes, give their life to Jesus.
We would pass out flyers with the prayer of salvation and candy for the kids.
We would sing about God's love and protection over Ukraine. Many would stop by listen, record, and cry,
Connecting with a local Ukrainian church in the center of Rzeszow, Poland.
Slavik Golovatyuk preaching at a local Polish church that opened their doors to Ukrainian refugees.
Mom's and kids club
We connected with a local Polish church in Rzeszow, Poland that has hosted many Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of war. Every morning, the church has a club for Ukrainian mom's where they go through inner healing, encouragement, and just a place where they can open up and be vulnerable.
There are so many Ukrainian refugee children are in need of love. Working with churches we are able to provide encouragement and support.
While the mom's are at the club, our team would help with playing and spending time with the kids.