Revival youth camp
Jesus discipled and He called us to make disciples.
Let's do it together.

At the end of summer we had one of our biggest events of the year - annual Revival Camp! It is a 5-day camp at the sea where teens and youth from all over Ukraine come and have an unforgettable experience. We had 140 young people attend this year!
Camp coordinator Julia
We want to acknowledge Julia Golovatyuk, who runs this event since 2016. Together with her team, she thought of a schedule & program for this youth camp. It was first organized 5 years ago for 22 teenagers who were hungry for the Lord after attending our kids camp. Years later, some of those teenagers are now married, with kids and serving God together with their families.

Julia is carrying the vision for Revival Camp and was coordinating it while being pregnant plus having a toddler Gloria in her arms. Blessings be upon her!

What happens at camp?
- activities: baking, electrical, hair design, crafts, and more;
- morning Bible studies as well as sessions with topics such as relationships, identity, Kingdom culture, and gentleman/lady etiquette;
- teens gained spiritual freedom and baptism of the Holy Spirit in evening services;
- fun time swimming at the sea & camp games.
Guest speaker from the UK
Sara Kiki Nyanzi is an evangelist who travels the world preaching the Gospel. She spoke on topics such as calling and singleness. Many teens were inspired by her story of giving her life to preaching the Gospel.
"Revival Camp 2021 was something incredible. This camp has exceeded all my expectations. For the first time in my life I heard the voice of God, I was filled with the Holy Spirit, and recognized my calling in God. I met a lot of new friends, there was a lot of cool fellowship, and support. Now I look at God with different eyes. I am firmly convinced that it is with Him that I will be safe and it is He who will never betray me but on the contrary, will support and lift me up."
"Thanks to Revival Camp, I was able to feel the love of the Lord, the love of others, learned about team work, and found many friends. Perfectly rested and filled spiritually! I will definitely come back!"
"At first, I did not want to go, I thought that I would not learn anything new. But when I arrived, I realized how badly I was mistaken. It was the COOLEST time. I have never experienced such love of God. I cried a lot with happiness, meditating on the word of God. During this camp I had many revelations. God spoke to my heart several times that I would serve in the missions field. It just overwhelms my heart. Unforgettable memories! Praise God."
Teens ministering to each other is one of the most powerful experience we witnessed during Revival Camp.
The hunger we have seen during this camp was unreal. Teens were seeking the Lord with great desire.