Revival Camp 2022 in Lviv, Ukraine
We had our fist Revival Camp back in 2016. It's main purpose is to lead young people into an encounter with the Lord, especially those who never experienced Him personally yet. Afterwards, the goal is to equip them to go back home and live their lives on fire for Jesus; after having been touched by God and having a lifechanging time with a community who loves Jesus.
This was our 7th annual Revival Camp, this time we held it in the beautiful retreat center not far from downtown Lviv. Around 50 young people joined us from different parts of Ukraine.
This year's camp was especially significant because we did not know if it would be possible to have all the young campers join us because of the war. The main theme of our camp was GOD'S LIGHT, which we believe is extremely important during these challenging times.
All the activities, games, workshops, and services were connected to the same topic - being filled with God's light and letting His light shine through us for the people around us.
The first night we talked about coming into God's light and allowing Him to shine His light in our hearts. At the end of the service, everyone had a chance to surrender their lives to Jesus! We are so glad that many of them responded to the altar call!
The next morning we had a session about hearing the voice of God. We didn't just want to talk about hearing His voice, we had everyone practice it. First, we wrote a letter to Jesus. Even those who didn't know what to write ended up writing several pages to the Lord.
Afterwards, we wrote another letter. It started with these words "I feel that Jesus wants to tell me...". This required some childlike faith, but the reward was so sweet! We heard so many testimonies for the next couple of days of how God spoke to so many people! Some of them felt God's love and reconciled with Him after years of walking away. Some made decisions to follow Him and be unashamed. Others were in tears because they simply did not think Jesus had so much to say to them.
In the evening, we spoke about the strategy of the enemy and his weapon which is lies. We also taught about the Word of God which is our weapon that Jesus Himself used when was tempted in the desert. It was a beautiful time when Holy Spirit exposed the lies of the enemy and set people free.
The following night was dedicated to inner healing, which was a powerful time of forgiving and letting go of offenses and ungodly soul ties. This is a very important topic for young people. Every time we ask the Holy Spirit to lead us through healing and we give Him space to do so, He faithfully comes and heals! We just can't stop being amazed by this!
This is Dasha's testimony about what God did at camp:

"This "Revival camp" was a spiritual breakthrough for me. During the camp I've received healing for my body and for my heart. God gave me confidence about who I am in my identity in Christ. The presence of God was so strong. It was a special time, thank you very much to the Solid Rock Mission team!"
Being in Lviv we couldn't miss the opportunity to see this beautiful city! So one sunny afternoon, we hopped on a bus and went on a sightseeing tour! We had so much fun!
Also some didn't waste an opportunity to enjoy beautiful nature and the views! Some of these young people got a chance to see Lviv and this nature for the first time in their life!
God did so much! He ignited His fire in the hearts of these young people, healed their hearts and bodies, set them free, spoke to them directly, and through other people! They are never the same! These lives are changed forever and their destinies have been realigned!
Here is Victor's testimony from a revival camp:

"At this Revival Camp I experienced the presence of God all over again. This last year I've lived without God, creating in my thoughts a happy future without Him. I spent a lot of time trying to find something to fill the void inside me, trying to put someone or something on the throne in my heart where God once sat. I came to camp thinking of it as a place where I can just relax and see my friends, but God had a different plan for me.

On the very first day, He made it possible for me to feel again the first love that He showed to me. I felt as if I was wandering somewhere in a dense forest and swamp with my eyes closed and I had gone so far that I could no longer see the light in the midst of this darkness. I had lost my way home, but God with his loving heart helped me to see His love and to hear His voice.

I realized that God is always waiting for us, no matter how far we are or how dirty we are. He will always wait, because He is a loving Father."

We will continue to work with these future world changers. Some of them attend our Teen Club in Shepetivka, Khmelnitsky region, and some of them are already signed up for Fire Camp. Fire Camp's main purpose is to train young evangelists and usher them into their calling to preach the Gospel!
We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this happen! You're a part of what God is doing in Ukraine! We invite you to support us and let us continue to raise these young people, who are going to know the Lord and will follow His voice for the rest of their lives!
"The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,
because the Lord has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim freedom for the captives
and release from darkness for the prisoners.
Isaiah 61:1