Short Recap of 2022
This year was challenging beyond measure because of the war in Ukraine. The war impacted many people, however by the grace of God and because of your support we were able to continue the work and even expand the geography of our ministry!
We followed our vision - raising new disciples - all the while responding to the need around us.
2022 Statistics
Together with you we have reached:
3,274 Children, teens and kids reached through camps
Poland - 2,301
Germany - 74
Ukraine - 899

131 Teen's & Youth Trained in Missionary schools
Poland - 46
Ukraine - 85

1,131 Kids reached through the Christmas program
Ukraine - 961
Poland - 170

Christmas program will continue into mid January. We need to your financial help to get more christians presents to children.
Give Christmas Presents
As the year is coming to an end
our team in Poland will continue with more Christmas programs at the beginning of 2023
10 years in statistics:

We reached more than 14 000 kids and gave away more than 12 000 Chritsmas gifts what means that all of them heard clear Gospel and had a chance to receive Jesus in their hearts!
Our goal is to continue to disciple these teens and young people, helping them grow in their knowledge of and relationship with the Lord. For this reason we are currently hosting the Teen's Missionary School in Dnipro, Ukraine.
Humanitarian Aid
We couldn't help but respond to the need of those who lost much in Ukraine. At the beginning of the war, our missionary base became a shelter for refugees. We also supported our team members who were evacuating people and we delivered thousands of food packages.
We supported local churches and along with the humanitarian aid we always brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
We saw many young leaders step into the call of God for their lives and we worked together with many amazing leaders from around the world!

We are very grateful to our Lord who is good and faithful in every season! And we are very grateful for you!
Thank you for your support - your prayers, your finances and your act of even sharing a post on social media - it all helps greatly and allows us to build His Kingdom together!

May God bless you with more than enough. We pray He would reward you for all you do for His Kingdom! We pray that He would renew your strength during this time of rest and celebration, and we pray you enter 2023 renewed and refreshed, ready for everything that God has prepared for you!
"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength; they will fly up on wings like eagles; they will run and not be tired; they will walk and not be weary."

Isaiah 40:31
Last Day to Give in 2022