Reaching & Discipling THE children of ukraine
Jesus discipled and he called us to make disciples.
Let's make disciples together.

Powerful Start of 2021
Women's Ministry
In February we held a women's retreat. This was a time where about 30 women could take a break from the hustle and bustle of household chores and hear words of encouragement. They received counsel and prayer, and shared testimonies of the great works of God in their lives. This was a time of rest, fellowship, and encouragement.
Women of all ages uniting in worship together.
Everyone was thankful for the women's retreat.
Discipleship School
We also held our quarterly missionary school. 52 children from different cities and villages - Dnipro, Golubovka, Lviv, Discord, Yuryevka, Stepova, Chervonich kvitiv, Evetsko-Nikolaevka, Chorbivka, Varvarovka and Novomoskowska - gathered in one place, in the village of Signamovka, to learn and be equipped for the spread of the Kingdom of God.
The school thought on forgiveness, healing of the heart, how to start a prayer life, personality of God, spiritual sonship, the power of your thoughts and words, the culture of the Kingdom of God, calling, serving in the church, holiness and purity, and relationships.
The students also went through master classes in cooking, needlework, prophetic drawing, and Bible reading. We went to serve at the Sunday service in the church in Novomoskivsk where the students led the service.
1,100 Gifts Distribution
Thank you for allowing us to continue our Christmas journey in Petropavlovka and Novomoskivsk, the Solid Rock team held three children's celebrations. More than 100 children of different ages heard the Good News of the Birth of the Savior. They received joy, love, and gifts!

Overall, this Christmas season, Solid Rock donated gifts to about 1100 children. We donated gifts to different missionary points throughout Ukraine - Vinnitsa, Bazalia, Shepetovka, Izyaslav, Chorbivka- , Zhorany, Kharkiv and others.
Why partnership matters?
Faithful financial gifts allowed us to
Reach and Disciple
Young Disciples of Ukraine.
Because of your support, on February 21, the Solid Rock team visited Basalia. This is a small village in the Khmelnitskaya region. We were able to meet with the pastor and ministers of the local church, and plan joint projects for the future. We also met with the local youth and teenagers. Our team spent the day building relationships and bringing the love of Jesus to them.
February 22nd-25th, our team visited a missionary point in Shepetivka. During this time we connected with the local team and in the evenings built relationships with the teenagers of this city. We discussed together the Word of God, prayed, and became friends.
These days we talked about the gospel, true love, calling, lies of the enemy, and about a wonderful journey called faith in Jesus Christ
The relationships built over the course of these past few months impacted us in great ways. We are growing our points of ministry and reaching out to a bigger quantity of young youth like never before. These year, we are expecting a great move of God in young hearts!
3 Week Missionary Trip to Tanzania Africa
On April 16th, I will be going to Africa on a mission trip to help serve in organizing crusades. Julia and Gloria will be staying here in US. We truly need your prayers and support. I'm so thankful for your faithfulness and trust that you have in us as we continue to live for the Kingdom of God.
Christ For All Nations
I'm currently being trained at CfaN with Daniel Kolenda. It's such a great privilege to lear from one of the most influential ministries that are reaching millions of souls with the Gospel of Jesus. This picture was taken during the 4 day planning meeting with the students and all the delegates that came from different countries to work together.