Kid's Camp Highlights
Last weeks we held our first Kids Day Camps for the summer. Currently we are in the middle of our third camp. We provide these day camps all summer, traveling to various locations in our region to reach the next generation of Ukraine. We believe that by touching the lives of children, especially at a young age, Jesus can change the trajectory of these kids' futures.
Our camp theme is "Victory." We spent this time learning about our victory in Christ - because if we are in Christ, we are born to overcome this world.

We talked about Christ and his sacrifice. Kids sincerely received Jesus as their Savior and surrendered their lives to him.
Just like Jesus forgave we overcome when we forgive others. There were powerful testimonies of children sharing who they forgave. Some shared they are letting go of deep hurts
and forgiving family members.
These children received the Holy Spirit and he worked in thier hearts to set them free from fear.
We had a lot of fun together these 3 days with lots of games, attractions, songs, our camp anthem, and various workshops. Our last day at camp we held an activity called Business Day, where kids had the opportunity to earn money by working or starting businesses and then spend it on popcorn, tampolines, supplies and snacks. Kids got to come up with their own ideas of what business they want to be in and how to make their business flourish. It was a simple and fun way to chage their thinking and have them put their hands to work.
It's always a priviledge to get to hear these kid's stories. Some of these kids were adopted by families in the village and have lived a life surrounded by violence. Our team is so aware that there is no chance, God placed each child at camp for a reason, and we get to sow into their future by giving them the most precious gift at a young age: Jesus.
Some of our camp leaders are teens who came to our missionary schools earlier this year. Its beautiful to see them now serving the Lord after God transformed their lives.
Some of our camp leaders this summer are teens who came to our missionary schools earlier this year. It's beautiful to see them now serving the Lord after God transformed their lives.
This summer is full of these day camps in different villages of Dnipro. Each week our team will be traveling to various sites to host a day camp. Since the drive is far, our team usually camps out in tents while the children of that village come back for the following morning. If you would like to support our camp efforts and sow financially to make accomodations possible for our team, you can click the link below. Thank you for sowing into the next generation of Ukraine. We truly could not do it without you and your prayers.
"My Father, who gave them to Me, is greater
than all; and no one can snatch them
out of my Father's hand."
John 10:29