Ongoing Disciplehsip with Ukrainian Teenagers
The Lord put it on our heart to launch a teens club in the city of Rzeszow, Poland where our Solid Rock base is located. Our heart for launching this club was to connect with Ukrainian teens that are scattered throughout the city and reach them with the gospel. Little did we know what the Lord was about to do.
We started meeting every day and within 5 days we had over 50 teens come through our club.
Pictured on the left is Polina. She had lost her sister to cancer 2 months ago. She started coming to our club from the very beginning and became very good friends with our team. She hears the gospel and asks questions. On her birthday we prayed for her and gifted her a Bible. She was very touched.
Pictured above is Sonya. Sonya has a heart of gold. She came to our teens club and never left. She is always eager to come hang out and hear about Jesus. The Lord has mighty plans for her. She is very sensitive to the needs of others.
Second teens club launched!
This was our second teens club launched 5 hours away from our base. Located in Poznan, Poland, where we connected with a local Ukrainian church. Our goals is to help them connect with local Ukrainian refugee teens and start discipling them. Our first gathering was filled with volleyball and pizza. At the end we had a conversation on forgiveness and inner healing. One of our team members led them through an inner healing prayer and afterwards many of them testified of freedom.
Pictured above, Polina sharing on inner healing and forgiveness. She led the teens through an inner healing prayer and many of them testified of forgiving and letting go of someone or a situation from their life.
Many of these Urainian teens are broken, angry, and confused due to the war. There is a deep work that needs to be done. We rely on the Holy Spirit to help us lead these teens to Jesus and full inner healing.
What happens at teens club?
Every day would look different. Some days we would gather at the park and play volleyball. Other days we we would gather in a church basement to watch a movie or play board games. Every evening would include free snacks and of course the gospel message. Our team would take turns each night sharing their testimony and leading the teens to Jesus.
Our goal is to start gathering the teens at our base and continue further discipleship.
Movie Night
Game Night
One of our team members, Edvard, became very good friends with a teen named Gleb. (both pictured above) Gleb attended one of our kids camps and started coming to our teens club from the very beginning. He heard the gospel and became more interested in knowing about God. We even gifted him a Bible that he eagerly said he will start reading.
This is Veniamin. (pictured above) He started coming to our club and we fell in love with him right away. He has the most sweetest soul. After hearing the gospel several times he told us that it really opened his eyes to see God differently. He said, "I now know that He is close to me and I can always talk to Him."