In 3 Days, we are moving to Poland!
Our family is moving to Poland! Our goal is to establish Children's ministry in Poland and Romania as we have been doing it in Ukraine over the last 10 years.

Since the war began, we have worked day and night to provide aid for Ukraine. Either through finances, products, resources, or people. We have sent out many teams to the borders of Poland and Romania. Slavik has been to the border and has been able to help firsthand. The time has come for our whole family to move and be stationed in Poland as long as the Lord calls us to. Keep us in your prayers as we go to the frontlines to help the Ukrainian refugees during this time!
Our Solid Rock headquarters in Dnipro continues to host refugees.
Sunday services and kids church are in full swing with many in attendance.
In the Heart of the War
Our team has been selflessly going into cities that have been bombed beyond recognition to evacuate people as well as bring humanitarian aid. The team has also been driving far into villages where people have no access to food or basic hygiene to provide the necessities they need.
Click the link below to further help Ukraine!
Our team at the borders helping people reach their destination.
80% of the people crossing the border don't know where they are going.
Our kids camp coordinator Olga (pictured above) and her team have been working selflessly in Poland with children.
They have travelled to many cities to orphanages and refugee centers. This summer their plan is to host kids camps for refugees in Poland.