Teen's Missionary School in Dnipro
Our mission and vision is to disciple and raise young leaders across Ukraine! And we believe that war is not a reason for us to stop! Missionary and Discipleship Schools are what we do to see our vision become reality. We are glad to share an update with you from the latest Teen's Missionary School in Dnipro because we are only able to do this with your support!
"Interesting Christianity" - this was the theme of the school. "Find yourself in the family of God" was our vision to see these teenagers experience the love of the Father and become adopted into His family.
More than 40 teens gathered from different places. Some came all the way from Kharkiv, a city that has remained under attack since the start of the war.
We started the first night with worship and they were given the opportunity to make a decision to follow Jesus. Many responded to the gospel and God began His work in their hearts.
Our team prepared different activities and our cooking workshop was one of their favorites! Together we cooked tasty "vareniki" (Ukrainian dumplings) and baked a delicious cake! The best part was our dinner when we got to enjoy the work of our labor!
During the seminars our team and guest speakers covered topics such as our identity in Christ, building healthy relationships, the importance of the church, and other topics. It was beautiful to see these precious teens receive freedom during prayer and worship. They later had the opportunity to share their testimonies about what God was doing in their hearts!
Here is one of the testimonies of Emiliya who was serving as a team leader during the Teen's Missionary school:

"I have had the honor of serving alongside Solid Rock Mission the past few weeks. During my time here I have seen Jesus reveal himself to the youth of Ukraine through people who have made it their life's mission to be the hands and feet of Jesus. This ministry has been sowing into many lives for years and what I got to witness is the beautiful fruit of that labor.

At the recent Missionary School, I watched how youth from many different walks of life were given the opportunity to respond to the gospel, encounter the powerful love of Jesus, discover God as their Father, and hear His voice for the first time.They received personal breakthrough and were practically equipped on how to live out the word of God.

We heard testimony after testimony on the healing and freedom they received when they surrendered their lives wholly to Jesus. It is clear to see that God is on the move in Ukraine, even in the midst of war, reaching people of all ages every single day."

We are so grateful for our beautiful team! Each one of them was doing their part in making this vision come to pass. They were willing to do whatever was needed for our teens to experience God's love.

But guess what? This is not all we want to share with you! The same vision of raising young disciples, leaders, and missionaries is being implemented by our team in Poland!
Our team began to form and train a group of young people in Krakow. We lead them through inner healing and helped them see God as their loving Father. We believe this is a crucial part of being able to minister to others!
Our goal is to train and equip other young people to work with teenagers. We are grateful and happy that YWAM team joined us in our vision and these past few weeks we are serving the Lord together!
We are so grateful for every single person who is supporting us through prayers and finances! We are so thankful for you! We couldn't have done it without your help and support! This is the beauty of the Body of Christ! May God bless you abundantly with every blessing He has for you!
"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6