Lviv Fire Camp - Evangelistic Training
50 hungry evangelists gathered in the city of Lviv for a week to learn and be equipped to preach the gospel.
War torn country; Ukraine is being hit by the biggest wave of revival yet. These evangelists are key in the end time harvest! To this day the Gospel is being preached all over Ukraine, Poland and some went to Kenya, Africa.
What is a Fire Camp?
Fire Camp is a week-long training run by Christ for all Nations. It is designed to equip evangelists to reach their local cities and countries with the gospel. They touch on subjects such as Hearing God's Voice, "What is the Gospel?", The Call of an Evangelist, The Alter Call, and many other topics.
These Fire Camps occur every year in multiple countries at once.
We truly believe that out of a relationship with Jesus we are able to go out and share authentically the gospel message. That is why we spend a lot of time encountering Jesus before we go out into the streets.
Marked by Jesus
Every night we had worship sessions that always went beyond the planned hours. The focus of these evenings was for Jesus to minister to us, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, anointing of the students, communion, and celebrating His goodness. These evenings would mark us every time. The Holy Spirit would come down in such a thick cloud that everyone in the room experienced a touch from heaven. Every evening was also intentional time to minster to the students. Many received physical/inner healing, breakthrough, and freedom.
Meals times was a place to hear the stories of the student's and some of them had the opportunity to share.
Radical Dream Team
This is the team that sacrificed their time, energy, finances, sleep, and resources to come and invest into revival happening in Ukraine. This team makes up of people from America, Germany, Ukraine, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Poland. They all said "yes" to Jesus and laid down their lives to preach the gospel and equip others to do the same.

Pray for the team as some of them have stayed in Ukraine to continue the work at the frontlines!