Life of a missionary center during a war!
Since the beginning of the war, our missionary center has been active in helping refugees, humanitarian aid, prayer services for displaced Ukrainians, a kids club, and master classes.
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Every week new refugees come to us from different places.
We provide a place to stay, three meals a day, and the opportunity to attend church services!
This little girl and her mother are displaced. The child has a deformed head and a crooked neck. We bought a helmet to form the head, prayed, and talked about Jesus.
A family with 10 children was moved to Switzerland because of the war. Our driver Ruslan took them out of the city of Vasylivka, the occupied territory. They also helped them move to Switzerland.
This grandmother's name is Maria Stepanivna, she was in the occupied village of Dimerka for a month. Her whole family is abroad, and she is alone. We took her to a safe area, blessed her with a food package and prayed!
Every Tuesday there are various master classes for children of the village of Znamenivka.
Every Saturday we have kids and teens clubs, at each of them children hear Bible stories and play games!
There is a lot of humanitarian aid going through our hands. Our missionaries travel to the occupied cities of Ukraine and risk their own lives so that people have something to eat! Also in the city of Dnipro and in the villages we distribute food packages and preach the Gospel!
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Thank you for your support and prayers! May God bless you and your entire family. Without you, this would not be possible!