Making disciples of all Nations
Jesus discipled and he called us to make disciples.
Let's make disciples together.

Just in June alone we reached 1,782 children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ
All across Ukraine Solid Rock Mission is working with two teams from SMBS reaching children though kids cams. We set up different activities, games, and bible stations. A lot of these local kids come from broken families and our goal is to bond with them and spread the love of Jesus. Many of these kids gave their life to Jesus during this camp for the first time. SMBS Team worked very hard and we are thankful to God for such a great harvest.
Rebuild, Remodel, Restore the Church in Marinka
Meanwhile in Dnipro region another team helped a local church remodel their place of worship.
Our remodeling consists of cleaning up garbage, painting, replacing old equipment, gardening, and many more tasks.
"Today was a very successful day. We had twice the amount of kids show up which was amazing. God also blessed the weather today. We had beautiful sunshine with a little sprinkle of rain but that just refreshed the air. Today's topic was having a solid foundation in our life which is Jesus, the same as building a house you must have a solid foundation."
Young Disciples Ukraine - Kids Club in Golubivka
Every week in Golubivka we organize kids club. This is a place where the kids of Golubivka come and enjoy different types of activities including culinary, crafts, sports, and bible lessons. This is our opportunity to connect with the local kids and disciple them.

Many kids are needing sponsors and it's only $15/month to sponsor children. Click here to become a sponsor today.
Kids love games! We bond with the kids over games and fun activities. They open up and start connecting with
Tea time is a very cultural experience in Ukraine. This is the time of discipleship when we are able to have one on one conversations with local kids.
Youth Bible School in Pavlograd
Young disciples are being maid in every opportunity that comes a long. I had the privilege to teach in a youth bible school on topics of finding your calling, identity and steps into full time ministry.
Children are in need of your financial support.
We have many more locations and many more children that we would like to reach. Our vision is to disciple these children all year around for the next 10 years. So they will grow up as strong man and women of God.
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