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Serving the King is a privilege, not a sacrifice!

Summer is usually an extremely busy time for us - kids camps, road trips, conferences, trainings... It was also a very productive season & we want to share few highlights. THANK YOU for being a part of what God is doing!

We like to count places we stayed overnight at :)
Places slept at in Ukraine - 30! So far this year - 47.

Teens training in Znamenivka, after which we blessed and released them to serve in kids camps throughout summer
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We had a missionary school in Western Ukraine which led to creating a team of young people to serve in their area
Together with our partners and other ministries we were able to host kids camps (VBS) in 30 locations and reach 3,828 children with the Gospel of the Kingdom!!!
Our coffee booth is functioning during festivals and camps. It's growing to soon-to-be a coffee shop!
We have an exiting news to share with you! God has blessed us with a baby - due in February!
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Identity tag
We as soldiers of the army of God, have our identity which is, children of God.
Our mission is to preach, heal & set free.
Simple obedience hoodie
Simple obedience changes history.
Doesn't matter your status or season, surrender will bring blessings to you.
To order a tag or a hoodie, please text Slavik 425-879-9172 or Julia 425-420-6945
Prayer request: WISDOM and direction from God in all decisions.
Process of building school as an addition to Missionary Center.