Making disciples of all Nations
Jesus discipled and he called us to make disciples.
Let's make disciples together.

Expanding His Kingdom!
Quick on our feet, we've had back to back camps in Dnipro region in the month of June. Camps organized from little villages as well as big cities. Over-filled with the joy of the Lord, we've had over 100 kids show up to each of our camps. The locations that we ministered at include: Golubovka, Razdoriy, Pridniprovsk, Yurevka, Marilubovka, and Pereshepino. Each child comes from different family background and have their own stories. Our goal is for the children is to love on them as the Father loves His children.

"You have built a stronghold by the songs of children. Strength rises up with the chorus of infants." Psalms 8:2
At each of our camps, we provide a particular time set aside for praise and worship unto the Lord. During this time, the repetition and movements of the songs are easy to master that the children easily memorize and take with them home. We believe in the power that these songs hold and the impact they will have on these kids.
Power of Prayer
As the kids attend camp, we use this opportunity to pray and
minister to the parents. Many of them are open to hear and receive the gospel message.
Encourage & Uplift
During camp, we also use this as an opportunity to mentor local volunteers who come to serve alongside with us. A time when we can encourage and uplift each other spiritually.
Smile! Jesus loves you!
Within our camps, the children go through four fun getaways, that being: music, sports, crafts, and bible learning. Each getaway is focused on the topic of the day that we go over with the children in the morning time. All the topics connect towards building their foundation on Jesus. The kids become very curious and begin to ask us questions about God's love.
As soon as the camp is over, we notify the children that in their own hometown there are weekly Sunday schools' for them to attend.
Revival in Western Ukraine
It's a full house with the Teens club in Shepetivka, Ukraine. This is a time when the local ministers get together with the local teens, bond, and build relationships. During this time of fellowship we provide Bible studies, worship, and fun activities to have the teens enjoy and be apart of.
Meanwhile our team had camp in Bazaliya.
Nearly 100 kids were exposed to the living word of God, Praise God!
Many children received Jesus into their hearts. Praise God! The team devoted their all to show the love of Jesus and share it with all of these children. There were young girls who experienced inner healing and encountered God as a loving Father.
Most of the kids that attended these camps over the course of this month come from broken families. This was a perfect opportunity to show the love of Jesus into the broken, wounded areas of their life, so that the love of Jesus in those areas would overflow.
Our Solid Rock team has also been ministering at local churches with testimonies, worship, sermons, and alter ministry. God has been moving powerfully through the service in healings and salvations.
Join the Vision
We are on a mission to many more locations and to reach many more children. Our vision is to disciple these children all year round for the next 10 years, so they will grow up as strong men and women of God.
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