Help Us Restore Electricity in Ukraine
As you might know, nearly every oblast in Ukraine has been attacked since October 10th, 2022. The past couple of weeks, Russia has been specifically targeting power plants in Ukraine, knowing that winter is just around the corner. In just one day alone, nearly 30% of the country's power was out, and with each hit, cities go without electricity and sometimes water. In some districts, electricity was quickly restored while other areas are still without electricity.

Zaporizhzhia has the fifth largest nuclear power plant in the world, and has been especially targeted in the last couple of weeks. It's evident what Russia is doing, so we know what the biggest need is going to be in the next couple of months as temperatures drop.

Partner with us to raise $2,500 for a generator and disel that will help us power our base in Dnipro. So we can continue our ministry without any interruption. We have found a 30kw Generator in Poland which we are transporting to Ukraine. This generator only has been working for 270 hours because it was only used in emergencies. It starts with a press of a button. Has been tested by professional electrician and is running great. This will serve a back up for any emergency situations.

We thank you for your support. Click on the link right now to give the amount that God is placing on your heart.

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