Happy Easter!
This Easter, we want to bring you hope of the resurrecting power of Jesus that brings LIFE!

"Yes, God raised Jesus to life! And since God's Spirit of Resurrection lives in you, He will also raise your dying body to life by the same Spirit that breathes life into you!" Romans 8:11 TPT
Slavik, Julia, Gloria Joy and Gracie Love
10 Years of Full-Time Ministry
Since 2012, I have been serving as a full-time missionary in UKRAINE.
It is exactly on missions, where God blessed me with a wonderful and loving wife Julia, whom I've married in 2014. It's been 8 years of serving together. God has blessed us with two beautiful girls, Gloria and Gracie. Together, they have seen how God saves, frees, heals, and changes people.

Our desire is serve God for the rest of our lives. We trust God for guidance and provision. Wherever He leads us we will go. Over the last several years God has led us to raise up new missionaries, providing a platform through which many people can step into their calling.

At the moment, we have several teams at the borders of Ukraine in Poland and Romania. Additionally, 100+ missionaries and volunteers are currently serving in teams on the ground in Ukraine. Our teams are constantly providing humanitarian aid, preaching the gospel, and evacuating refugees from the war.

Thank you for your prayers and support!