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Welcome SMBS 2021 to Solid Rock
SMBS graduates of 2021
We are so excited to have not one, but two SMBS teams join us this summer at Solid Rock! One team will be heading to our location in Shepetivka. The other team will be serving at our missionary center in Znamenivka.
We are back on Ukrainian soil
After a long flight, we have finally touched base with Ukraine! The Lord had miraculously made a way for us to land on Ukrainian soil once again. We are very excited to welcome two new teams that will be joining us this summer at our Solid Rock locations!
Shepetivka Team
The first team will be heading to our location in Shepetivka. They will be serving in day camps, kids camps, and different projects.
Znamenivka Team
The second team is heading to our Solid Rock missions center. They will be serving local villages with kids camps, discipleship training, and many more projects.
Shepetivka Team
Shepetivka team hit the ground running. They started off with meeting with the local team and preparing for the upcoming kids day.
370 Kids on Day 1 of Kids Crusade
The Team
The team worked very hard setting up different stations for the kids day. Trampolines, bouncy houses, sports, crafts, cotton candy, popcorn, gospel station, and many more.

The Kids
Many kids showed up to the event and had an amazing time. The parents were very grateful. They came up to our team and thanked them for organizing such a big event! One grateful father stated, "due to COVID, our kids felt very lonely and this was a great experience for the them."
It was a successful day because many kids heard the gospel and seeds were planted.
One father came up to us with his two daughters towrds the end of the day and asked if his girls could either sing or dance for us to earn a prize. One of the leaders told them to repeat after her several times and taught them John 3:16 while the father was standing behind the girls listening to her teach. Once they learned the verse, she offered the girls to ask Jesus to enter their hearts. The girls said yes! It was truly an amazing moment!
Kids camp in Golubivka
Meanwhile our Znamenivka team led their first kids camp in Golubivka with about 100 kids in attendance.
The team led a camp with a theme on building a foundation on Jesus. Including bouncy house, crafts, sports, and many other activities.
Kids coming out to the alter call on the last day of camp. Many of the kids have been impacted by this camp and seeds were planted.
Love for kids
These kids love the team! When you pour out God's love to them, they will love you back..