Outreaches in Dnipro
We continue the work that the Lord entrusted to us - bringing the message of salvation wherever we go. Especially in these times when the naiton of Ukraine is in desperate need of hope.
Our team went to Dnipro downtown to preach the Gospel. Through us, God sowed seeds in many hearts as we shared the good news and the hope we have in Jesus. We witnessed people getting healed and receiving the gift of salvation.
As we prayed for needs and listened to their stories, people began opening their hearts. At first, some individuals that we met were closed off and very resistant, but there is nothing like a sweet simple touch from the Holy Spirit, that is able to soften the hardest of hearts.
God has opened the door for our team to do regular hospital visitations in Novomoskovssk. It's such a blessing for us to be able to bring hope and encourage those willing to sacrifice their life for their nation.
It's an honor for us to support these men and women. Those who have seen so much pain and death, and who if not us will go there and bring hope!

Thank you for supporting us! Maybe you don't have opportunity to go to the hospital and pray for these people, but partnering with us you join the work of the Lord we are doing here!
"He heals broken hearts
and bandages their wounds."

Psalms 147:3
Upcoming projects and events
In the upcoming days we have Kids porgram in on of the suburbs of Dnipro and women's club in Znamenivka. Also 8 kids and teens clubs are operating across Ukraine. If you would love to support us in these projects, here is the link where you can do that! Thank you so much! We appreciate your support in finances and prayers! May God bless you!