Construction in the village of Gubinyha.
Around 2019, we started the construction of a room for service in the village of Gubinyha. There was a desire to make a place where people could come, glorify God and have a better relationship with Him.
Our boy missionaries took part in the construction of a house for the service of God.
Services are actively going on there now. Sunday, 2 times a week prayer meetings, home groups, children's and teenage ministry. But construction continues.This great contribution and work is now bearing a lot of fruit for the Kingdom of God.
Teenagers and children gather every week.It is a great blessing to gather young people every week and show them God's love.
At these clubs, children play, communicate with each other, analyze the Bible and talk about various topics
Children are still learning to cook. Every time they prepare something new and during communication they taste what they have made with their own hands.
«Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.»
Jeremiah 17:7
Thank you for your support
We see the Glory of God and blessings in this place and services. Construction is still ongoing, so there is still room for blessings and an opportunity for support in this.