SOLID ROCK Christmas tour
Our Solid Rock Poland team went to the Christmas tour to several European countries to bring the hope and joy to the Ukrainian refugees. This happened because of your generous support and prayers, that's why we are glad to share captures of these days with you.
Germany was the first country on our route and Nettetal-Lobberich was the first stop for our team. They were able to bring the Gospel through the Christmas play. All together 40 kids and their parents received Good news alongside with Christmas gifts.
Then we went to city of Krefeld where 85 kids and their parents heard the Gospel!
Next day we had a chance to lead a missionary school for teenagers at the base of Ukrainian church. Healing of the heart, forgiveness, sonship of our Heavenly Father, practice how to hear the voice of God - all of that was received by 20 teenagers.
On our way to the next destination we stopped in Koblenz. There we had a chance to lead a worship night and spend time with our friends missionaries. It was beautiful time to encourage each other with prayer and testimonies of what God is doing in this hour.

From Germany God made a way for us to go to Netherlands, Veneendal. We showed our Christmas program, and families - kids and parents - responded to the Gospel. Beautiful time of ministry to those who are far away from their homes and ordinary life.
Then our team was invited to minister in one of the churches in Alken, Germany. We spent a beautiful time ministering to our Lord and each other.
We were given opportunity to share at the Sunday service and also lead a teen's meeting there. To disciple young kids and teenagers is our vision wherever we go!
Then we went to Switzerland to visit our friends - kids from the orphanage in Mariupol. When the war started all of them went to Poland and for 2 months our team was ministering to them in any way possible - to lead a classes, teach them how to behave properly, introduce to Jesus and pray with them! Just loving these kids even when they gave us a challenging time.
It was beautiful to see these children in such a beautiful and safe place. They are so loved by God, and we reminded them about this one more time!
When the war started we would never think that our team would be able to go to such a beautiful places and share the Gospel with those who flew from all the terror and pain. But God's ways are higher and His plans are better! We are grateful for His faithfulness and His leading for our lives and our work we do for Him and with Him! And we are thanking you for partnering with us to bring His hope, His Gospel, His plans on earth as it is in Heaven!
"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Isaiah 55:9
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