Changing lives, one at a time
Reach, Raise, Release - This is our vision - to reach this generation and disciple them as true Jesus followers! We take this assignment very seriously!

We have several teens clubs at our missionary base in Znamenivka, Dnipro. They come together, spend time with us, we share them our faith and our personal testimonies. These young people come from very broken families,
but we are so glad that their hearts are so open and thirsty.
This is Liza, she is 13. We met her at one of our kids camps last summer. As usually we had teens clubs to get connected with them, and this girl started to attend one of them on a regular basis. During one of the clubs she accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour, as she was touched by one of the testimonies.
Also she made a decision to stop watching anime, as she felt Jesus didn't like it. Now she is learning how to play guitar and one of our missionaries is mentoring her. This is just one of stories God allows us to be a part of.
Many of these teens attend our Sunday church services and bring their younger siblings! They love our Sunday school so much, that they invite their friends!
We are able to work with several different locations in Ukraine, so that kids would hear the Gospel throughout the country.
Thank you for your support

We are grateful for your partnership! Thank you for being a part of these life-changing stories and sowing into these kids and teens!
We believe for a great harvest for Jesus among the younger generation! It is so beautiful how each one of us has our part in the body of Christ and everyone is important!

"Store your treasures in heaven,
where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal."

Matthew 6:20