Making disciples of all Nations
Jesus discipled and he called us to make disciples.
Let's make disciples together.

In Tanzania As It Is In Heaven
A thank you to all partners for
1,361 Documented Decisions for Christ
While in Tanzania I personally had the privilege to preach the Gospel to thousands of people. As a result 1,361 people made a decision to follow Jesus.
Miracles, Signs, & Wonders
We did 5 small town crusades where people were saved, healed, and some delivered from demons. At our last outreach I was praying for the sick. There was a man who came forward to testify that he has been under an attack and been feeling a lot of anxiety and depression. But after the prayer he felt that it left him and his heart was filled with joy.
Children of Tanzania
At one of the outreaches I saw a little girl probably 7 or 8-years-old carrying another child on her back. She was holding the little boy on her back. I asked her if I could hold him on my lap. As I did that, it was the most precious moment. All the kids came and surrounded me. Jesus loved the children and when we love them we represent the love of Christ.
Women of Tanzania
The women in Tanzania are so hardworking. I see them carrying their children on their backs and heavy things on their heads. When I was preaching on healing, two women came forward to receive healing. I simply said that Jesus will heal you. I placed my hand on their knees and both were healed. We laid hands on the sick and Jesus heals.
The sings and wonders continue to follow as we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. People are being saved, healed and delivered. At one of the towns where we preached on the street the school near by had a lunch break so all the kids ran towards the crusade. There has been about 300 of them and just about 200+ have receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.
I have spoken to two Muslim woman who were working on the milkshake stand. After sharing the love of Jesus and telling them the good news their hearts opened up to the Jesus.Today I felt like something broke in the spirit. As soon as one lady said yes to Jesus I looked to another woman and I asked her, would you also like to receive Jesus into your heart. She smiled, and said yes. What a glorious day it was. Later that day I preached to a muslim father and a son and even though father didn't want to receive Jesus but the son prayed the salvation prayer. Glory to Jesus.
We had found ourselves in one of the hospital rooms praying for a man who was sick with malaria. It turned out that he was a pastor. There was such joy in his eyes when we prayed for healing. He felt peace and strength when we prayed for him. Additionally, we were able to bless him financially.

Just seeing how God is moving, I would not want to do anything else in my life but only to remain in Him and do His will for the rest of my life. I am thankful to Daniel Kolenda and all CfaN leadership staff for such opportunity to be at bootcamp for 3 months. This training took me to another level in ministry. After the bootcamp, being here in Tanzania, I feel the anointing in a much greater measure than ever before to preach the Gospel and to heal the sick. So until my last breath in my lungs, I want to do the Fathers will. Preach good news to the poor, heal the brokenhearted, and set the captives free.
Levi Luts
Our bootcamp director Levi Luts and Daniel Kolenda has been training us as navy seals to be ready to lead large crusades and preach the gospel with confidence and with passion for saving the lost. Just in three weeks in
316,458 decisions for Christ
Just in three weeks in Tanzania our team recorded 316,458 decisions for Christ. The connect cards are given to the local pastors everyday so they can follow up and continue to disciple the people who made the decisions to follow Jesus.
My Family
One of my greatest motivations to serve in ministry is my beautiful wife Julia and Gloria. They both have a calling in their life and I'm so honored to serve with my family. Even though this mission trip I traveled without Julia and Gloria but we usually spend a good amount of time above the clouds. In my time when flying I like to think of God's goodness and meditate on what He is doing during this season.