Thank you
for Helping others
in Ukraine
In a basement with no water or food
Your generosity has led us to send out numerous packages of food, water, clothing, medicine, and aid to different cities all over Ukraine. We reach the unreached. The ones sitting in their basements without water or food.
Our Solid Rock team has been working day and night transporting, sorting, and organizing aid.
The Solid Rock team has also been unloading, packing, and sending out aid.
Come serve with us!
Solid Rock Missions has dedicated to raising funds to support the people of Ukraine, as well as putting together teams of 6-7 people and sending them to the borders of Romania and Poland. We have already sent 3 teams out and will continue to do so. Above, you will see 2 of our teams that were sent out to the Romanian border. We have partnered with the local ministries there –Great Commission Society & Fight for Freedom.
Partnered together with these ministries, not only were we able to spread the Gospel of Jesus but show the love of Jesus through sending the most essential items that are desperately needed into Ukraine. Our first team, led by Nazar Borishkevich, was able to purchase items that are currently most essential for the thousands of people that are stuck with no food, no electricity, and no way to get out of the danger zones. We were able to buy 17 tons of food, medicine, mattresses, sleeping bags, baby food, blankets and other important items and load them up into a semi-truck that was sent into the heart of Kyiv.
This is humanitarian aid that is going to Kyiv:

We sent 3 Semi-Truck loads of food that were unloaded at a warehouse. Then, the food is loaded onto a train that goes nonstop to Kyiv.

"Thanks to the finances that we received from the Solid Rock Mission we have also been able to transport approximately 150 people to and beyond the border. God's hand is evident with our every step!"
- Dmitro Dolzhenchuk

Bringing hope of the Gospel to the refugees. Hearts are open to receive like never before. We have seen on the daily, hands go up for Jesus. Young and old, with tears in their eyes say YES to Jesus!
"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." Matthew 25:40