Construction of Children's Center in Shepetivka
We are currently reparing and remodeling our missionary center. We replaced the cables and are currently in the process of getting the water pipes installed and welded.
Our volunteers working hard!
Our volunteers sacrifice their time and energy to work on the construction project.
No matter the age!
No matter the age, our volunteers are always ready to help in any way possible to complete projects.
Despite the construction, our missionaries are meeting up regulary in a temporary location.
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Golubivka Teens Discipleship
Culinary Class
Volunteers teaching children different cooking skills.
The children are proud of their new acquired cooking skills.
We have dedicated volunteers in the village of Golubivka. They spend their time teaching young kids and teens on culinary. This way they reach out and disciple the children in this village.
Jesus discipled. We are discipling. Will you join us?
Our main goal is not to just teach our young youth life skills.
Our goal is help them start a relationship with Jesus and become disciples.

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Call to Action
Please keep our volunteers and children in your prayers. As well as all the projects that are happening in Shepetivka and Golubivka. If it is in your heart to donate to any of our projects we will greatly appreciate it.