We had many exciting events occur this year! The most exciting of all is to see people coming to Jesus and commit their lives to God. This was a vey special day for us and we are looking forward to many more!
Divine moments of individuals get baptized and committing their lives to God.
Pastor Alex is hugging his son who was lost in the world most of his life and now he came back to life with Jesus Christ.
Znamenivka, Ukraine
This is how our baptisms occur at our missionary center. Two of our full time pastors conducting the baptism.
New Material

We had a second semi truck of lumber delivered to Znamenivka.

We have dedicated volunteers who are helping out with the construction.
New Project

Two weeks from now we are starting our new project.
We are so very grateful for everyone who has been praying and sponsoring this project. We pray that it will bless more and more people. If it is on your heart to donate to this project, click on the button below.
Dormetoray Donation